Mysore Pak recipe

Mysore Pak recipe

Posted by usha_upchar Posted on October 12, 2017
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Mysore pak is an authentic sweet dish prepared in Ghee, from South India, usually served as dessert. It originated in Mysore. It is made of generous amounts of Gram flour, sugar and Ghee. Mysore pak was first prepared in the kitchens of the Mysore palace. Paaka shastra (short paka) in Kannada means cooking procedure or cooking techniques. Also paka in Kannada refers to sticky sugary syrup obtained by simmering sugar with equal amount of water. It is traditionally served in weddings and other festivals of southern India and is very popular in baby showers as well.

Preparation time
10 mins
Cooking time
10 mins
4 people
Meal course
Gram flour – 1 cup
Sugar – 1 cup
Water – 1 cup
Ghee – 2 cup (melted)

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  1. Sieve the gram flour as there is no lumps in it.
  2. Heat a heavy bottomed pan, boil a cup of water in it for 5 min, remove it/ waste it to prevent/deodorize the cooking pan
  3. Grease a tray/container/plate with ghee
  4. Add sieved gram flour in a bowl, add 1 cup of ghee into it, mix it as there is no lumps in it and keep ready.
  5. Add sugar and 1 cup of water in it, bring it to boil, stir
  6. Boil it to a single string in consistency, To test the syrup is done or not- Drop 1 or 2 drop of syrup in water, if it is done it does’t dissolves in water or if you touch with your finger it must be sticky.
  7. Add/pour Gram flour mixture into the sugar syrup, keep stirring,
  8. Stir Once the entire mass comes together and looks smooth, Add ghee little at a time and repeat the addition of ghee after 3-4 minutes of stirring.
  9. Stir continuously till the mixture starts bubbling. Continue this process till all the ghee is consumed and there is a pleasant sweet roasted aroma.
  10. Once it comes to this consistency, remove from the heat and pour the gram flour Mysore pak mixture into a greased tray.
  11. Tap the trap gently so that the mixture settles evenly.
  12. After 3 to 4 min give desired cut when the mixture is hot enough. Separate the squares when completely cooled and store in an airtight container to retain its freshness and crispness.
  13. Heavenly delicious Traditional Mysore Pak is ready to Celebrate on any Occasion.

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